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In recent years, science has become largely disconnected from society as a result of paywalled scientific journals, jargon-filled publications and a lack of dialogue with the public. I believe that this is not only unnecessary, but that it is unhealthy for the field of science, feeding public distrust and diminishing awareness of science.  In order to address this, I began sharing educational science videos on social media in April of 2020. My videos summarize recent research papers, debunk viral videos containing misinformation, teach fundamental neuroscience lessons and inform about the importance of scientific research. Through these videos, I hope to make science not only clear and relatable, but freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


I also offer guidance to students in science through a video series called "Scientips" and lead the Aspiring Scientists Coalition, a global community organization that hosts free events for students in the sciences. In addition, I run a Snapchat show called "Make it Brain" and have partnered with BiliBili - one of China's largest video-sharing sites - to enhance science popularization. My science communication has been recognized with awards from Stanford University, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Mind Science Foundation, and Vlogbrothers. 

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