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Below you will find an assortment of free resources for students.

Resources: News & Resources

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) template

A CV is the science equivalent of a resume. If you are a student planning to hoping to join a research lab, apply to graduate school, or apply to jobs, you will need one. Formatting can be time-consuming, so feel free to use mine as a template. This will give you an idea of what sections can/should be included, and how you may (or may not) want to order them.

Recommended Groups


Brazen Bio Discord Server

Looking to make connections and find answers to your questions? Brazen Bio is a biotech-incubator based in Los Angeles, but they also host a discord server where both established and aspiring scientists, doctors, and science communicators can connect. It's free to join, and intended to facilitate productive discussion and networking!.


Aspiring Scientists Coalition

In 2020, I founded ASC to help students in science on a global scale. ASC hosts online meetings where members can hear established scientists discuss their research, their journey, and their best tips for success. Membership also grants access to networking events, where members from 70+ countries can meet and connect. 

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